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Regeneration of the body – artificial light therapy is colour therapy using an artificial light source, which acts as an aid in supporting the proper functioning of the body. 

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Frequently asked 

How does colour therapy work?

With the use of red light, white light and blue light.


Who is suitable for this treatment?

This treatment supports people who suffer with the following:

  • weakened immunity

  • seasonal depression

  • stressful lifestyle

  • circadian rhythm disorders

  • diseases of the respiratory system

  • dermatological diseases, i.e. psoriasis, acne, etc.

  • rheumatic diseases


The special properties of blue light help to regulate the internal biological clock which is responsible for metabolism, appetite and mood. This benefits the following:

  • healthy sleep patterns

  • mood improvement

  • alleviation of ailments

  • relieving tension

The unique frequency of red colour harmonizes with the cells of the human body, becoming a natural injection of energy, improving mental and physical efficiency. This helps to: ​​

  • increase concentration

  • strengthen immunity

  • increase energy levels

  • regeneration of the body

Infectious disease, e.g. tuberculosis, fever, inflammation, flue, malignant neoplasms, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, severe skin diseases, circulatory failure, excessive bleeding tendency, pregnancy, epilepsy and other chronic diseases, active cosmetic procedures performed.


In case of any doubts, we recommend consulting the doctor. Therapy in our salons is only an alternative to traditional methods of treatment.

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