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BB Glow combines a powerful tinted serum with micro needling. The microneedles penetrate the layers of the skin infusing the serum, adding nutrients and most importantly the colour tint required. The skin subsequently becomes stimulated thereby naturally producing an increased amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid resulting in skin rejuvenation. This helps with reducing the appearance of pores, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The serum contains hyaluronic acid to make your skin more radiant and plumper and vitamin Cto treat freckles and hyperpigmentation.

BB Glow



Frequently asked 

How does skin change post the treatment??
The treatment starts by restoring even skin tone and a radiant complexion – a great way to get an instant and gradual lightening effect. As it reduces melanin content in the skin, there is lesser skin discoloration too. Post-treatment, expect some mild redness that typically lasts for a day or so. Some peeling around the nose and mouth, particularly for those with dehydrated skin, may also occur.

How many sessions would be needed and how long does the treatment last?
A follow up treatment is required in most cases to get your skin to perfection however, the effects of this treatment can be seen faster then others on the market. This is why the BB Glow treatment is a great option for events and special occasions. Bride to be? This could be a great option to get that all glowing look! The effect would only last for a few days to a week if you are a first timer. More maintenance would have to be done (2 or 3 times), and the effect would be more pronounced and longer lasting. Then, it would last up to 4-8 months.

Are there any side effects?

Apart from sensitive skin types, you would only require one day worth of downtime. Sensitive skin would require up to 3-7 days of downtime.

Stayve brand’s meso foundation skin color pigments are by far the best semi permanent foundation product in the market specifically formulated for BB Glow treatment which is the product we frequently use in our salons.

A preview of our BB Glow treatment on YouTube

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