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Laser Fungal Removal

The dry heat of the laser kills and inhibits the nail fungus growth and spread. The depth of the laser penetrates the nail to the skin, attracting the fungus and destroying it. A minimum of 3 sessions are required, once every 3 weeks to ensure results achieved. More sessions may be needed depending on how long the infection has been present and the severity of the nails fungus.


Frequently asked 


What is Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of either the toenail or fingernail. 


What are the signs and symptoms?

The most common symptom of a fungal nail infection is the nail becoming thickened and discolored (white, black, yellow or green). As the infection progresses, the nail can become brittle, with pieces breaking off or coming away from the toe or finger completely. If left untreated the skin can become inflamed and painful underneath and around the nail. There may also be white or yellow patches on the nail bed or scaly skin next to the nail.


What are the causes?

  • Tight shoes

  • Trauma to the nail

  • Unhygienic nail treatments such as foot spas

  • Public showers

  • Tinea (Athletes Foot)

  • Constant sweaty feet

Recovery Time:

Complete recovery of the nail is evident after 6 – 8 treatments, 9 – 12 months post treatment sessions.

When is this treatment not suitable?

  • If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding

  • If you have epilepsy

  • If you are currently taking any medication that makes you sensitive to light.


Treatment preparation:​​

  • Exfoliate and moisturize your feet well. Focus on cuticle of nails

  • Cut nails back as short as possible

  • No polish on nails

  • Entire nail bed needs to be filed and buffed down as thin as possible


*A podiatrist can prepare your nails for laser treatment


Post treatment care:

  • Feet need to be dry at all times where possible

  • Shoes need to be altered everyday

  • Try to wear open shoes/slippers to allow the nail plate to breathe

  • Shoes need to be well fitted, not too tight

  • Soak feet twice a week in Epsom salts

  • Tea tree oil can be applied daily (anti fungal)

  • Change socks daily

  • Keep nails clean, trimmed and filed

  • Avoid wearing nail polish for long periods of time

  • Anti fungal shoe spray and washing powder can be used

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