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Hair loss isn’t something you should have to settle for. Touch of Beauty provides a treatment that can prevent balding and help regrow your hair. This is done so by combining numerous hair growth protocols into one solution which helps the re-growth. Mesotherapy for Hair loss is an extremely effective non-surgical solution for hair loss and to help increase the thickness of thin and dull hair. 


Frequently asked 

What is Scalp Injections for hair loss?

Mesotherapy is a treatment which includes simple micro-injections of vitamins, DHT blockers and minerals directly into the scalp and follicle area where the cause of hair loss occurs.
The targeted specific cocktail of vitamins and minerals help to replace vitamins and minerals lost with the onset of age, stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp area and rejuvenate the hair follicles.


The active ingredients have a positive effect on the growth of the hair and prevent the loss of hair follicles. The hair is again nourished with the result that the development of downy hairs continues to normal growth. The present existing hairs get more volume; this can in many cases prevent hair transplantation. It optimizes the production of keratin due to the nutrients supplied by blood vessels of the hair papil.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP):

Studies show that this is a safe and effective hair loss treatment. PRP involves drawing a small amount of your blood, placing your blood into a machine that separates it into parts, and then injecting one part of your blood (the plasma) into the area with hair loss.
The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes and usually doesn’t require any downtime.
You will need to return for repeat injections. Most patients return once a month for 3 months and then once every 3 to 6 months.
Within the first few months of treatment, you may notice that you are losing less or minimal amounts of hair.


Carboxytherapy against hair loss

This is an innovative method of fighting the problem of excessive hair loss and thinning. Scalp carboxytherapy is based on administering medical carbon dioxide deep into the scalp using a thin needle. The introduction of medical carbon dioxide into the scalp stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, intensively stimulates metabolism, improves micro and microcirculation and improves skin elasticity. Thanks to these activities, the hair follicles and hair bulbs are intensively nourished, and empty hair follicles are stimulated to produce new hair, which results in the inhibition of excessive hair loss and the growth of new hair. The method of scalp carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive, natural and 100% safe method.

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