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Staying young starts here at Touch of Beauty, Douglas

Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that has changed the way in which we care for our bodies. This highly popular and successful treatment deals with extremely low temperatures for minutes at a time. Due to versatile application possibilities, Cryo chambers can now be used to treat a number of medical conditions, improve fitness recovery times, overall mental wellbeing and beauty purposes.

    1 Session                                             €20 


How does it work?

The treatment involves exposing individuals to extremely cold dry air from −25 °C down to –85°C for 2-4 minutes. During this time frame, individuals wear minimal clothing to maximize the effects of cryotherapy (remember about the parts particularly prone to frostbite -hands, feet, ears, nose. Ear protection is provided by a headband or a hat and gloves for hands. No jewellery or other metal can be worn in the LIFE CUBE and shoes are essential. 

Cryotherapy facilities use extremely low temperatures for recovery. Cryotherapy is mostly used in an effort to help relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage or surgery and to help improve recovery times after sports activities.

Experience the power of the freeze


The concept

A few minutes of cold can increase metabolism all day. Eventually, people no longer feel cold because their metabolism has adjusted and increased in response to the cold temperature. Low temperature stimulates the immune system. Therefore, cold therapy is recommended for people with recurring infections and lowered immunity (the treatment cannot be used during a cold).


The chamber

Extremely cold but only for a few minutes. Cryotherapy is neither painful nor unpleasant, but surprisingly enjoyable! The LifeCube is an electrical Cryo Chamber. As a result, it reduce the temperature without nitrogen through the use of cooling aggregates and cooled ambient air and therefor can reach temperatures as low as -85 degrees Celsius.


The benefits

Relieves pain 


Improves joint mobility 

Accelerates regeneration 

Improves performance

Enhances vitality 

Supports anti-aging 

Supports weight reduction 

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