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Day cream with SPF30, recommended for all skin types. Provides a sensational effect of rejuvenating skin appearance, especially for the skin prone to discoloration, with reduced firmness and elasticity, with a gray, unhealthy color.

On contact with the skin, the cream undergoes a surprising color change from white to flesh-colored. Released pigment particles instantly make the skin look fresh, rested, and attractive.

The cream works to protect the skin against factors causing photoaging. The cream has a very wide spectrum of protective action. Providing a sense of security, comfort and care for skin health. Protective shield with antioxidants filters harmful UV rays and blue light emitted by computers and smartphones.

The cream provides spectacular hydration, making wrinkles and discolorations less visible. It makes the skin looks younger. The skin has a pleasant, fresh tone, it is delightfully smooth, illuminated, vital, saturated with moisture, full of life.

Only well-hydrated skin looks young! To provide youthful look of the skin the cosmetic should actas “WATER BANK”, from which the skin can always get it as much as needed.


Capacity: 50ml

Series: Fortefusion


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