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Night ceam "anti wrinkle injection" for all skin types with quick regenerative action.


Capacity: 15ml

Series: Infusion


Night ceam “anti wrinkle injection” for all skin types with quick regenerative action. . It is biologically compatible with the skin, very rich in natural ingredients that actively improve the condition of the delicate under-eye and eyelid skin. Reduces mimic, static and other wrinkles caused by aging and poor hydration. It supports biological renewal of the skin, instantly making it velvety smooth and elastic. It reduces susceptibility to irritation. The cream leaves you with a comfortable feeling of saturated, elastic and nourished skin around the eyes. Also recommended as day cream for dry skin.

The above-average results of using the serum have been achieved with a 340%* increase of skin penetration by the stable retinol encapsulated in NANODISCS™ providing its controlled and prolonged effects and the complex of 7 super-active ingredients improving skin quality.


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