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Almond acid peeling for immediate "skin awakening". Strengthens the action of other cosmetics. Recommended as a year-round extraprotection for all types of healthy skin, except for very sensitive skin. To be used 1-2 times a week on the face, neck and décolleté to rejuvenate the color and refresh the appearance. Also recommended for banquet use.

It has the form of a gel with a silky oil structure that spreads comfortably on the skin. Immediately after use, the skin has narrowed pores, it is definitely smoother, radiant, full of energy, it looks refreshed and younger. Used regularly, the peeling is an excellent complementary care - it facilitates the absorption of cosmetics, accelerates cell renewal and stimulates slower metabolism of the epidermis. Effectively cleanses, lightens discoloration, inhibits the formation of subcutaneous lumps and blackheads. 


Capacity: 50ml

Series: Trifusíon

Trifusion Almond Peeling with vitamin C

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